Marketing via Blogs is:

Highly Influential!

Blogs = the most influential social media in consumer purchases *


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Only 0.6% of digital marketing budget is spent on blogs *


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Blogger Casting © is naturally bonded and professionally engaged with 3000+ bloggers  to deploy in digital influencing & blogger marketing activities.

of services

  • Creation of text & visual content
  • Publishing on Website & Social Media
  • Blogger activities to promote brands

International Bloggers

  • Bloggers from many different categories
  • 3000+ bloggers in B/C database
  • Blogs in 20+ languages
  • Bloggers from 60+ countries

Structured Process in Operations

  • Selection of relevant bloggers
  • Flawless organisation of blogger activity
  • Tracking & reporting of social media activity

BloggerCasting provides brands with;

  • Reach out to the right & relevant bloggers,
  • Effective results thru flawless execution of events,
  • Blogger generated high quality content (text & visual),
  • Guaranteed reach out via strong social media management,
  • Precise tracking & detailed reporting of online activities.